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the great cricket tea challenge

The country's best cricket tea

Yorkshire Tea has a long and proud history of supporting grass roots cricket. And as they rightly point out, "Cricket is the only sport that stops for tea."

Undertaking what must surely be The Hardest Job in Britain, Yorkshire Tea dispatched a team of judges - including ex-England captain Mike Gatting - on a nationwide tour to find the country's tastiest cricket teas.

Many vol-au-vents later, Newtown Linford Cricket Club was declared the winner of 2015's Great Cricket Tea Challenge.

"Sancha Hopkins and her daughter India like to do things properly," said the judges, "putting real passion and care into their cricket spreads. And their attention to detail - like the touch of prosecco in their strawberry jam sponge - shines through in the taste."

The prize? £5,000 for the club, and a T20 match against the ex-England cricketers of the PCA Masters. Limehouse was there to capture the day in all its glory.

there was no shortage of tea

It turned out to be a glorious day. The sun was shining, and the scene was the most stereotypical image of village cricket imaginable. That made our lives easier - soft focus and slow-mo shots of the cricketers in action were complemented perfectly by the mountains of incredibly good looking food.

We filmed interviews with the judges, the cricketers and, of course, the tea ladies themselves. The Yorkshire Tea Marching Band posed a few sound-related challenges - it became a case of set up, get ready, wait for the break between songs... and SPEAK!

Social media engagement

Yorkshire Tea has a stellar social media presence, perfectly integrated with their web content. Look around their page: it's like a huge family of tea lovers talking to each other about how good Yorkshire Tea is. Exactly what you want, from a brand perspective.

We created two edits of the film (30 and 90 seconds) for their social media and YouTube ('BrewTube') channels. We do this pretty regularly - multiple edits of essentially the same film to provide our clients with maximum flexibility when it comes to multi-platform distribution.

The finished film - watch it below - has clocked up more than 328,000 views on Facebook alone (at the time of writing), and represents another major engagement success for Yorkshire Tea in partnership with Limehouse.

We'll drink to that.

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