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Ensuring high calibre applicants

Lloyds Banking Group asked us to create a series of films to help them recruit the highest possible calibre of new employees. We filmed in branches of Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank, talking to colleagues about what their roles entail. We captured the atmosphere of a busy branch, and combined footage of colleagues going about their business with plenty of heartfelt interview snippets.

The right behaviours

The Group's aim is to convey the kind of behaviours that are expected of new recruits, and these films capture those behaviours perfectly. The films - each between two and three minutes long - are hosted on the careers page of each bank's website, where potential applicants are encouraged to watch them before they apply for a role.

Can I have a look then?

Be our guest. You can see the Halifax versions here, the Bank of Scotland versions here, and the Lloyds Bank films here.

there's a lot of love in those branches

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