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Adding value

L&D in the corporate environment has come a long way since a line manager would pop a worn-out VHS on and leave people to their own devices for half an hour.

Employees demand authentic, engaging content that genuinely adds value to their working lives. The pressures on employees’ time has grown, so it needs to be used wisely. Companies have recognised the need for better quality training, and invested more in the future of their employees.

Video content is perfectly suited to the L&D environment. When it's used as part of a wider package of supporting information and facilitator guides, the content is easier to digest and key learnings are more easily retained.

Making it authentic

Much of the L&D content we create for our clients takes a scenario-based approach, where participants role-play a typical scenario that might take place in the course of a normal day.

We like to use real employees whenever we can. They’re more authentic than actors, because they have real life experience of the situation they’re being presented in. The language is familiar to them, and so are the situations.

We spend a lot of time filming real people in real businesses, and while that approach can bring its own challenges, the end result is always worth it.

Measuring effectiveness

We understand the importance of measurement, and why checking for understanding is a crucial aspect of learning and development.

Measurement is a key part of any internal communications strategy. It’s how you evaluate understanding and impact, and how you demonstrate ROI. You can measure the effectiveness of video with the click of a mouse: real-time data will show you how many views it’s had, who’s watched it, how long they watched it for and where they were when they watched it.

If you think we could help you with video content for your learning and development framework, please drop us a line.

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