Creative films for an iconic British brand

Capturing precision engineering

Promoting the world's best machines

JCB is an iconic British brand, and one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction equipment. So we were more than a little excited when they asked us to film some of their new machines for a suite of marketing videos.

Enter Giorgia

We were looking for a more creative way to approach this traditionally male-dominated world when JCB introduced us to their friend Giorgia Rosella. She's a model with quite a few thousand twitter followers and a huge Instagram presence. Giorgia also happens to be a qualified digger driver. Honestly.

The filming

With Giorgia at the controls, we spent four weeks putting the new excavators through their paces at JCB's world headquarters in Staffordshire. We captured the improved engineering of the machines, with particular focus on those sleek lines that've been redesigned to allow for maximum agility in tight spaces.

We filmed inside the factory, to capture the precision engineering involved in the JCB manufacturing process. We combined hi-tech graphics with dynamic slow-mo footage to show every blow torch, bolt and socket set.

Beautifully shot with snappy editing and a driving soundtrack, the result was a couple of incredibly cinematic films. Watch them for yourself below.

Watch the machine in action

See how the machines are built

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