A year at Bradford Grammar School

A taste of school life

Over the past 12 months, we've been producing regular monthly films for Bradford Grammar School. We've delivered a considerable library of films, covering every aspect of life outside the classroom. These intimately-shot videos are used to give parents of current and prospective students a taste of life at the school, in a way that only our films can.

From open days to reunions

We've been there for all the big events throughout the academic year: results day, a leavers' concert, open days and many more. We've captured tears of joy, emotional reunions and sporting success. We've heard woodwind ensembles, poetry from 13 year-olds, and congratulations from the Headmaster.

The outcome

Every six weeks, an e-newsletter containing our films and other features is sent to more than 6,500 parents. We're pleased to report that the biggest click-through rates are to our films. The school's website hosts a Video Zone, where you can watch all our films. For the school's part, they've seen a huge uplift in quality since asking Limehouse to produce their films. And they're delighted with the time it takes us to turn a project around - we're no slouches here at Limehouse.

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