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If you’re a stranger to film production, or new to the world of internal communication, don’t worry. We’re a friendly bunch with bags of experience. Here’s a peek at what goes on behind the green doors.

Excited that @LimehouseNick is joining the panel again for this year’s Leeds university business start up - Spark… https://t.co/6MwkHOaC0o

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 3 weeks ago

We're really looking forward to the High Flyer Awards in Manchester tonight and are ready to #jointhejetsethttps://t.co/aWcCOa427g

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 5 days ago

Yay, some chocolates and sweets made it back to the office after a choctastic shoot yesterday. Just in time for tho… https://t.co/lhbwiAaaAA

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 3 weeks ago

Celebrating all the fabulous women at Limehouse on #Internationa...lWomenDay2019 https://t.co/Xh2lQMiqpC

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 2 weeks ago

A whistle stop shooting day in the North East yesterday #Newcastle @NUFC #angelofthenorth #Gateshead #shootlifehttps://t.co/B4h5Nv99K6

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 3 weeks ago

It's our annual emergency first aid training today for all our producers #Training #firstaid #production #FridayMotivation #HSE

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 3 weeks ago

The @Limehouse Award was won by an app that helps 16-34-year olds to save for a deposit and calculate affordability… https://t.co/COAKY0J2yY

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 1 week ago

Let's hope some of the chocolate comes back to the office... #shootlife #internalcomms #filmsthatinfluence https://t.co/72NigT4bF6

Post by Engage Interactive @Limehouse_films 3 weeks ago

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