Your 8K video shopping list

Looking forward to seeing the first 8K video to be uploaded to YouTube? You'd better start saving up now.

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24 Jul 2015

I recently wrote about the rise of 4K TV, and how it’s not really worth buying a 4K TV just yet. Well, believe it or not, the first 8K video was uploaded to YouTube a few weeks ago - despite the fact that almost nobody can watch it. It's a piece called Ghost Towns by filmmakers Neumann Films. There's plenty of fun to be had (if you don't get out much) by clicking on the settings icon and seeing how 'high' you can go before the video stutters.

YouTube has apparently supported 8K for some time now, but users have only recently been given access to the settings needed to upload a video in 8K. As with everything in the realms of Ultra HD, things aren’t as they always seem: this 8K video was actually shot in 6K then up scaled and sharpened in Adobe After Effects, but who cares? Er, we do actually.

The problem with 4K is a) the lack of content, and b) the equipment needed. Double (or even quadruple) those problems, and there's your 8K conundrum. Just imagine the amount of things you’d need to buy if you wanted to watch that 8K video on YouTube. Well, you don’t have to, because I’ve done it. So here’s a tidy little shopping list for you (if you've got a PC that will work with these items):

1. Four of these to make a virtual 8K display: £1199.96
2. A 158Mb/s fibre connection: £590 (for a year including installation)
3. A three-metre long fibre connection: £10.54
4. An NVIDA GTX Titan Graphics card x 2: £1683.56

The total cost of that equipment you’ll need? £3484.06. The cost of viewing 8K videos on YouTube? Priceless.


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