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Limehouse MD Nick is back for a second year to share his experience with local business students.

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15 Sep 2015

Here at Limehouse, we’ve a proud history of partnering with some of the region’s most respected universities, colleges and schools. Along with creating plenty of ace video content for them (naturally), we’ve helped nurture the next generation of talented filmmakers and business owners by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

I’m pleased to have the chance to be involved with the University of Leeds again this year, helping out with their ‘Starting a Business’ course. Taking place exclusively online, it’s what’s known as a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) for school students aged 16 to 18. The university hosts a wide range of online courses in partnership with FutureLearn, and they’re free to absolutely everybody.

As part of the two-week course, students will work through a couple of case studies, one of which involves watching me talk about some of the challenges I overcame when starting the business. I’ll be online for a couple of hours afterwards to participate in a Q&A session, where I’m looking forward to helping out some budding entrepreneurs.

You can find out more about the University of Leeds’ online courses here.

Nick - Managing Director

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