Recent developments in video communication and how we've put them to good use

The evolution of online video communication.

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01 Apr 2015

In the not-too-distant past, Betamax was the bees’ knees and Youtube was just a pipe dream. Thanks to faster, more reliable internet connections, online video communication has evolved exponentially over the last few years.

On Youtube, some video bloggers (or vloggers) are making serious money through huge viewer numbers and the paid advertising revenues that follow. The videos are engaging because the content is delivered in an informal, unscripted way, direct to the comfort of the viewer’s room. We’ve used vlogs self-filmed by staff to good effect in the past, particularly when a company has been going through a period of change. As part of a wider comms strategy, they work because peer-to-peer communications are perceived to be more trustworthy – presenting an honest picture of how things are.

Live streaming is another revelation in online video communication. In the days when you had to listen to your modem whistle and squeal before you got online, streaming video was unthinkable. Product launches and annual conferences are routinely streamed live these days – we’ve even experienced streaming live surgery. The benefits of this development are all practical: actionable info in real time.

Microvideos – those six-second treats found on the likes of Vine – are products of our increasingly short attention spans and addiction to social media. They provide an immediate, slap-in-the-face style of communication that demands your attention, if only for those few seconds. Content is king in these videos and brand marketers areincreasingly using them to good effect. We’ve done something similar for the University of Huddersfield recently, but that’ll have to wait until the next post.

Drop us a line if you’d like to know how these developments can help you get your message across.


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