Microsoft recognises the demand for video in IC

As business leaders get to grips with letting employees loose on social media, Microsoft launches a YouTube equivalent for businesses.

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28 Jun 2015

As the march towards cloud computing continues unabated, Microsoft has just completed the worldwide rollout of a platform that could transform the way companies host and share video with their employees.

Recognising the ever increasing demand for video in an internal communications setting, Microsoft has made Office 365 Video available to all eligible business and academic customers who use SharePoint Online.

The platform hosts video on Microsoft’s cloud service, allowing users to upload, share and manage a variety of content and channels. All without the storage and transfer problems associated with hosting video content on a company’s intranet. Think of it as YouTube for business. Microsoft has even released a native iPhone app, letting users watch content on their mobiles.

Video has long been the rising star of internal communications, but some organisations have been slow to take it up. They’ve been unsure where to host videos, how to deliver them and how to measure their effectiveness.

And there’s a lingering uncertainty about the appropriateness of social media in the workplace, most likely centred around the worry that employees will talk about what they want to, not what they need to. But I do think a change in mind set is underway, and we’re seeing examples of how it can produce fantastic results.

Those who decide not to embrace social media, video sharing and the other recent developments of our time will be left out in the cold with a prehistoric IC strategy. The longer they leave it, the harder it will be to catch up. That’s because you can be sure that whatever technology they decide to adopt in the future, their employees will more than likely have “been there and done that”.

The most effective internal communications strategies I’ve seen are those where regular video communication is an integral part of that strategy. We’ve been producing video for clients to use on Instagram and YouTube for a while now, and the introduction of Office 365 Video is great news for those organisations keen to embrace video as part of their IC strategy.

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Tracy - Commercial & Strategy Director

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