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Josh takes you behind the scenes of our latest shoot for JCB in Georgia, USA.

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16 Oct 2015

We've produced a wide range of films for JCB in the past, from a bit of Valentine's Day fun that went viral, to a couple of super-slick films showing the capabilities of their newest machines.

Earlier this year, JCB asked us to make a film for their North American division. So in early July, Avram (our Creative Director), Rick (our Producer) and I headed to Savannah in the southern US state of Georgia.

We jumped off the plane and got straight down to work: thanks to our rigorous pre-planning and ruthless efficiency, there was no time for sightseeing. It was too hot for that anyway - the climate is officially classed as 'humid subtropical', so you can imagine how that feels. Savannah, it turns out, is a lovely place. It's the oldest city in Georgia, dating back to 1733. That's still not as old as most of the door knockers in England, but it's good going for the USA.

The setting for our shoot was typical American suburbia - think lush green lawns and white picket fences. We filmed a range of scenarios with the Skid Steer Loader in action, all designed to show how it's a better machine than its competitors. It's got a much bigger cab, better visibility and is far safer to use - it's the world's safest skid steer loader according to JCB.

After five days of hard work we jumped back across the pond and got straight down to editing the footage, while ignoring the brutal jet lag. I think we've created a great little film with plenty of humour and some great Skid Steer action. The film has gone down really well in North America, by all accounts.

You can seen the finished film on JCB's YouTube channel, and here's a short behind-the-scenes video we've created. I hope you enjoy it.


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