Drones and more: NAB Show update

James shares his thoughts on what he’s seen from the rest of this week’s NAB Show.

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14 Apr 2015

The 2015 NAB Show came to an end yesterday, closing out five days of tech-happy goodness from every corner of the media and broadcasting world. Following on from Alex’s thoughts on Wednesday, Post Production Assistant James shares his thoughts on what he’s seen from the rest of this week’s NAB Show.

Black Magic Design were probably the busiest bunch of people at NAB this year, seemingly throwing every piece of new tech at us they could – with the only restriction being the size of their stall. The new URSA MINI and Micro Cinema Camera were particular highlights for me, but it’s this mouthful that got me all giddy: the new update to DaVinci Resolve 12 and its transformation into a fully-fledged Non Linear Editor (NLE). If you’re still with me, I’m pleased to report that the sleek new interface should bring the different areas of post-production together into a more seamless process.

On the production side of things, there were more than enough new cameras, drones and various other contraptions to keep any gear nerd watching unboxings for the next six months. What really had me drooling were the updates by DJI and Freefly to their gimbal systems, theRoninM and MIMIC. While the RoninM is now half the weight of the old version (it weighed the same as a small car), the MIMIC from Freefly adds an intuitive and frankly outstanding new remote controller to its wonderful Movi M5. Operating it is now actually child’s play.

It wouldn’t be a 2015 trade show without drones, and boy did NAB have plenty! The real standouts for me were the Freefly Alta and DJI Phantom 3. The Alta brings a whole new dimension to aerial videography, since you can mount a camera on top of the unit. That opens up a lot of possibilities for filming the action happening above the drone, rather than just below it.

The Phantom 3, on the other hand, builds on and improves its existing features. They’ve given it a 4k camera offering a 96-degree angle of view, proving to be even more cinematic than the much-feted GoPro.

Exciting as these new contraptions might be, content and creativity should be your priorities, regardless of the amount of gear you’ve got! So when you’re flying that new drone around your Grandma’s kitchen next month, be sure to ask yourself: How can I do this differently to everyone else?


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