Behind the scenes of Bettys' smashing egg film

The short film we made for Bettys Café Tea Rooms, featuring their Imperial Easter Egg, has clocked up more than one million views on social media.

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16 Mar 2016

We've been working with Bettys Café Tea Rooms for a few years, helping them connect with their customers through tasty little films showcasing the work that goes into creating their range of sweet treats.

The films are always incredibly popular - the last few we've made have racked up more than two million views on Bettys' Facebook page. So we knew from the start that an Easter film for Bettys would have to be something special.

The star of the show is Bettys' Imperial Easter Egg: weighing in at 12lbs, standing 27 inches tall, and costing £250, it's an absolute beast of an egg.

We set about capturing Bettys' incredibly skilled chocolatiers creating the egg.

Molten chocolate is the natural starting point, and always looks ace close up and in slow motion. Liquid chocolate is first poured into two half-egg moulds. Once set, the chocolatey half-ovals are mated with a bond of more chocolatey glue.

The decoration - all done by hand - starts with delicate flowers. Stuck on with more chocolatey glue of course. Next up is the delicate piping of stems, grass and more flowers. A quick piping of more chocolatey stuff covers the join.

When you're about to smash up a £250 chocolate egg that's taken hours to create, you don't want to be attempting too many takes. We were fortunate to be able to have a little practice with a blank egg first (still the same size).

So we had one crack at the real thing, and went for a rolling pin straight down the middle. We originally wanted to blow it up, but you wouldn't believe the amount of red tape involved in planting high explosives inside a working chocolate factory. We shot at 240 frames per second, which is more than eight times the usual speed, and upped the resolution to 2k, which allowed us to capture the actual smashing of the egg in superfine detail.

What happened to all those pieces? They were handed out at a local primary school. We didn't get to eat a single bit.

You can watch the film here. And you can see what's available from Bettys Café Tea Rooms online shop here.


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