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15 Dec 2015

We’ve a long and proud history of working with museums to create unique and dynamic multimedia content for a wide variety of exhibitions.

So we were delighted to hear that Bankfield Museum’s ‘For King and Country’ exhibition has been awarded the Royal Historical Society’s Public History Prize.

The exhibition explores the experiences of local people during the First World War, using an array of objects, images, archives and local stories.

We created a suite of films for the museum that formed an integral part of the exhibition. Using archival footage and interviews, we were able to tell the stories of those involved, thanks to local families sharing their memories.

One of the films combined archival footage of the war with the personal thoughts of people close to those involved - families, friends and colleagues of the soldiers. In another, we explored the motivations of those responsible for organising the exhibition.

“We can’t tell the entire story of the war," says Richard Macfarlane, Museums Manager for Calderdale Museum, "but we can inspire people to want to find out more.”

The museum will continue collecting artefacts and memories throughout the duration of the exhibition, timed to coincide with the four-year long centenary of the First World War.

“This beautiful and moving exhibition draws on community participation, encourages independent research, and gives a helpful account of the processes by which it was produced,” said the Royal Historical Society judging panel. “The clear and evocative ways in which it uses local stories and artefacts is impressive, while it also provides a balanced account of many aspects of the First World War. The exhibition is informative, engaging, well-organised and elegantly designed.”

Bankfield Museum’s ‘For King and Country’ exhibition runs until 2018.

You can find more about the Royal Historical Society Public History Prize here.


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